Star-Lord and Friend

Star-Lord keeping it real saving the world one space adventure at a time.☄👨🏼‍🚀 He always rolls with an eccentric team that has his back.💥🖌
Original Acrylic and Ink Painting
by Lindsay Strubbe 

I Will Fix You

Venom a loner symbiote that might possibly eat your friend’s head off if you don’t feed him…  With a little help from his friend Venom can enjoy mayhem on earth.🖌

Original Artwork by Lindsay Strubbe

Contemporary Acrylic and Ink portrait with an Abstract background on illustration board.

Celebrity Muse Series

Bewitched Stevie


Contemporary Acrylic Portrait of the Original Gypsy Queen Stevie Nicks. The Reigning Queen of Rock n Roll with her haunting voice will steal your soul and entrap you with hypnotic tambourine.▪¤•°☆▪

Original Artwork by Lindsay Strubbe

Art, Garden

Flying V Garden

Flying V Garden WORDPRESS.jpg

Flying V Garden is an Abstract Acrylic  painting. Collaging flowers and guitars into a haunting colorful garden that will steal your soul!

39 x 29 1/2 Acyrlic and Ink painting on Illustration board

Original Artwork by: Lindsay Strubbe

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Collage Paintings, Traveling Piano Series

Sherpa Brad

Sherpa Brad

Sherpa Brad is the second installment in the Traveling Piano Series. Collaging piano’s strings, hitch pins, frames, hammers and agraffes creates a dangerous abstract mountain climb to the hightest of enlightenment. The Sherpa will guide you on your spiritual quest. The idea of the Traveling Piano Series was to create a series of well traveled, live off the land, powerful, mischievous people. Collaging detailed piano parts creating an epic adventure!

Original Artwork by: Lindsay Strubbe

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