Collage Paintings

Elevator Time Machine

Beast Portals WORD

Elevator Time Machine is an Abstract Acrylic Contemporary Collage depicting multiple animal thieves. Their sole mission is traveling through vaults and time for the heftiest heists. 💎💎💎💎💎

Insipired by Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️💫*▪¤•°☆▪¤•°☆☆

Original Artwork by Lindsay Strubbe



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High Tea With Friends

mad-hatter-copy1High Tea With Friends is an Abstract Acrylic Collage painting. The Enchanted Professor’s series is based around a very large colorful apothecary desk filled with every concoction. These Healers will aid you on your journey and confuse you with their whimsical ways.

Original Artwork by: Lindsay Strubbe

30 X 35 1/2 Acrylic and Ink painting done on illustration board .

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Traveling Piano Series

The Great Ringmaster

The Great Ringmaster

The Great Ringmaster is the third installment in the Traveling Piano Series. I wanted to create an extreme circus act, run by a very eccentric Ringmaster. The Great Ringmaster portrait was inspired by Tom Hardy from the movie Bronson. Traveling Piano Series is based on the idea of well traveled, live off the land, powerful, mischievous people. Collaging detailed piano parts to give the painting fantasy and depth.

Original Artwork by: Lindsay Strubbe

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Celebrity Muse Series, Collage Paintings

Franco Master Magician

Action Adventure Abstract Collage, Acrylic Painting. Inspired by James Franco’s Movies and Magic. Get lost in the Magic and find your way to Emerald City. Original Artwork By Lindsay Strubbe

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Art 101

Let’s get back to the basics. What are your interests?  What makes you tick? Everyone is creative, they just might not know how to access it. Art is everywhere. From the shirt you pick out in the morning , the way your lunch is prepared, your favorite sports team, or the route you take to work. Art is everywhere and we are all apart of it. Your day is full of art. Collaging is a big part of my art process. Making themes and intertwining cohesive shapes and patterns to create a story is my  goal.

To start your adventure into the art world. Pick 3 of your favorite colors. Or just pick one color in 3 different shades. Next pick your favorite place. Or a place you always wanted to visit. Now ask yourself what makes this place your favorite? What interests you about this place?  Is it a place you’ve been a thousand times? What comforts you about it?  When creating art you want to make a connection between your heart and your mind. Something that means something to you that keeps you interested and drives you. Then adding your own view, detail and style.