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The Charming Chugging Caboose

Collage Paintings

Easy-Eight Fire Storm

fury-webpageEasy-Eight Fire Storm is an Abstract Acrylic Collage Painting inspired by the movie Fury. Collaging tanks, tanks control domains, weaponry and brave Sergeant leading his men into epic battles. Going out in flames of glory.

Original Artwork by: Lindsay Strubbe
Acyrlic and Ink painting on illustration board.

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My Treehouse Paradise


My Treehouse Paradise is an Abstract Adventure Acrylic Painting inspired by my inner child. In this Forest Adventure a whimsical Treehouse connecting to beautiful waterfalls with fearless canoers and soccer enthusiasts, will keep any child from being bored. 🙂

Original Artwork by: Lindsay Strubbe


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Flying V Garden

Flying V Garden WORDPRESS.jpg

Flying V Garden is an Abstract Acrylic  painting. Collaging flowers and guitars into a haunting colorful garden that will steal your soul!

39 x 29 1/2 Acyrlic and Ink painting on Illustration board

Original Artwork by: Lindsay Strubbe

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Fuck Your Fish Face

fuck-ur-fish-face-small-wordpressFuck Your Fish Face is an Abstract Mixed Media Illustration Compilation piece. Inspired by Rainbow Fish displaying the downfalls of being beautiful in the shark eat fish world, that is the food chain.

Original artwork by: Lindsay Strubbe and Eric Klemp

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